Your Visit

Your Visit

What You Can Expect at your Thermography Imaging Appointment:

Step 1You will arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment time to acclimate to the clinic temperature. Please bring all required patient forms, filled out and signed.  If you forget them, we will have copies available to fill out prior to appointment. All forms must be completed and signed before we can do the thermograms. Bring any coupons or gift certificates and present to your thermographer at the beginning of your session to get credit.

Download the patient forms

Step 2: Your thermographer will ask you to remove clothing according to the area being scanned – and provide a privacy wrap. This allows for the body to acclimatize to the ambient temperature of the room before imaging begins and allow the thermographer to enter your information into the computer.

Step 3: Next, your thermographer will review with you patient information relating to symptoms and a history; this focuses on the primary complaints and concerns of the patient.

Step 4: A full explanation is given before the imaging is started so that you understand what is going to take place. As the patient, you are reassured that there is no radiation, no contact with the body and that nothing will be felt.

Step 5: The test will involve a number of images being taken, each image only takes a few minutes, so the whole exam will be completed in about 10-15 minutes for 1 area. For half body it will take about 30 minutes and full body will take up to 45-60 minutes. The patient will momentarily disrobe the area being scanned for the images to be taken. We require the patient to remain as still as possible for the few minutes that the image is processing.  It is not necessary to hold your breath.  We routinely take an anterior view (frontal view) followed by both lateral views (side views).  Sometimes a posterior view (back view) or oblique views (45 degree angle view) are included depending on the type of thermogram requested.

The test is just like having your photograph taken, a thermographer focuses the scanner and takes an image which is saved onto the computer to be sent to a doctor for interpretation and reporting.

Step 6: Once all the images have been taken the thermographer reviews the images with you and explain what all the colors mean, and what you can expect from the written report which will be provided within a couple of days. (Urgent reports are completed within 24 hours for an additional fee.)

Step 7: Your report will contain useful information relating to your physiological status (or function of the body).  The interpreting doctor will identify any significant findings that relate to your symptoms and history and give an opinion that will help your treating doctor or healthcare practitioner.

Your doctor, dentist, chiropractor, therapist or other healthcare provider can contact the thermographer or reporting doctor with any questions.

Thermogram Preparation Notes

NO caffeine or smoking 2 hours prior to appointment. No lotions, potions, creams or sprays on area to be scanned before appointment. No makeup if face is to be scanned and no antiperspirants or deodorants before appointment–or you can remove prior if needed–bring some extra to put on afterward. No strenuous activity, massage or physical therapy prior to appointment. Try not to scratch or aggravate skin area that will be scanned-if you do–tell your thermographer so they can note it in your records.

After appointment–do whatever you like–no restrictions.

Call 910-580-2077 if you have any questions.

Our address is: Suite 201 of the Haymount Healing & Wellness building located at 117 Broadfoot Avenue in Fayetteville, NC. We have a spacious parking lot behind our building.

We see clients by appointment only – so our door remains locked for privacy. Text upon arrival and our tech will escort you to our office suite.

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